Two and Only Kelly Twins
The Two and Only Kelly Twins
Two and Only Kelly Twins
Tuesday Mourning, Johanna Hurwitz
Johanna Hurwitz invites readers into the world of the funny, lovable Kelly twins, who are truly two of a kind.Second-graders Arlene and Ilene Kelly are twins — identical twins to be exact — and they love being a pair. They love to dress alike, they have identical pet ferrets, and they do everything together. But being a twin is not always easy. When a set of triplets comes to school, Arlene and Ilene wonder whether triplets are more special than twins. At Halloween, on different streets in identical witch costumes, some neighbors think that the girls are one person trying to get extra candy. And when Arlene gets sick and has to visit the hospital, the twins each find out what it’s like to be one instead of two. But whether they’re together or apart, Arlene and Ilene know they’re lucky to have each other.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

This was a fun book!  Arlene and Ilene are identical twins. Everything about them is alike and it makes them feel really special.  Then a set of triplets moves in to their town and the girls start to question how special they really are.  This is where the book gets really entertaining because the twins make-up an imaginary third sister two try to make themselves unique again! 

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