True Talents
True Talents
True Talents
David Lubar
It’s been over a year since fourteen-year-old Eddie “Trash” Thalmeyer and his friends from Edgeview Alternative School found out about their special hidden talents. Trash can move things with his mind, Torchie is a fire-starter, Cheater reads minds, Lucky finds lost objects, Flinch can predict the future, and Martin can see into people’s souls. Now back home with their families, all the boys want to do is get back to their normal lives, start attending high school, and keep in touch with their friends from Edgeview. When Trash tests his power in a bank and accidentally steals a fistful of cash, he is kidnapped by the ruthless leader of a shadowy company whose purpose is to gather information about psychic phenomena—and who is willing to do anything to get it…. Torchie, Cheater, Lucky, Flinch, and Martin join forces to rescue their friend using their hidden talents, and discover their true talents in the process.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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True Talents was a sequal to Hidden Talents. One year ago six 14-year-old boys with special talents met at Edgeveiw Alteritive school where they became close friends. Now "Trash" who can move things with his mind, has been kidnapped but doesn't remember how or why and is acting a little loopy. He is a lab rat and has to escape, that is one thing he konows for sure. Slowly but surely puzzle pieces of his past are comming together. Meanwile his friends and family believe he is dead.

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