Trackers: Book One
Trackers: Book One
Patrick Carman
Bestselling author Patrick Carman pushes the vbook to the next level with this thrilling book/video/web experience.In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, everyone leaves a digital footprint ... even the most advanced cyber criminals. And that’s where the Trackers come in. Four tech-savvy kids armed with high-tech video cameras and esoteric coding skills, the Trackers can find almost anyone, anywhere. Told through a collage of videos, text, and websites, Trackers #1 follows Adam, Finn, Lewis, and Emily as they become entangled in a high-tech, high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Shantorian, the world’s most dangerous hacker. At least, that’s who they think they’re tracking....

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Adam, the leader of the Trackers, got all his friends into trouble. He got into a project too deep and then it came back to bite him. He endangered his life and that of his friends. They all come together to figure out how to solve the problem. The story unfolds through the interrogation of Adam by Inspector Ganz. This is all I can tell you or else I would be giving away the rest of the story.

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