Off Track
Off Track
At twelve, Gary Sanderson found himself in Radcliffe – the oppressive juvenile detention facility for boys. At sixteen, he has a chance for a new, normal life in a new, normal town with foster parents Don and Gail Morgan. He attempts to build this new life, even as his past catches up to him and the problems of a small town erupt all around him. These problems spin out of control when the girl he loves asks him one question: Will he kill her father? Off Track is the character study of a boy, shaped by abuse and burdened with the death of his father, trying to survive in a world he hadn’t expected to find.

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  • Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The whole storyline for this book revolved around one child, one abused child with a drunken mess of a father and a mother who can't stand up to her husband. The boy, Gary Sanderson, decides to stand up for her by taking him out permanently. He is then is quickly carted off to Radcliffe, a juvenile delinquent facility for boys. He had been there since he was twelve years old, now at age sixteen, he has a choice: to start over with foster parent, or to wait another two years in that horrid place and leave on his own.

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