Toto! The Wonderful Adventure
Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure, Vol. 1
Toto! The Wonderful Adventure
Yuko Osada
SEE THE WORLD WITH ME! Kakashi is a small-town boy with a big dream: to travel around the world. He’s so determined to leave his little island home behind that he stows away onboard a marvelous zeppelin–one that just happens to be loaded with treasure and a gang of ruthless criminals!

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Manga/Graphic Novel

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  • 12 and up
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All Kakashi wants to do is go on an adventure. Ever since his dad left for one and never came back, Kakashi has been trying to leave his island. When he finally gets the opportunity to climb aboard an airship to leave, the Man Chicken Family (a gang of criminals) tries to stop him. Kakashi is strong enough to stay on the airship, and he eventually lands on the main land. With a map of the world, his new found dog, and a friend named Dorothy he takes off on the first adventure of his life: with quite a few complications.

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