Tied To You
Tied To You

Kat is living an ordinary life as a wife and mom when a piece of her past suddenly appears in her hallway as a ghost, remembering nothing of what happened. A boy she never thought she’d see again is suddenly thrust into her present world needing her help to find his way to whatever lies next. Now Kat must open wounds that she thought were forever closed to help a boy whose heart she broke as a teen. Her first love.
Spanning decades from the great lakes to the Rockies and back again, Tied to You is a story about broken people finding their way out of the dark. About redemption and learning to love yourself no matter what mistakes you’ve made. It’s about weathering the storm and smiling at the rain anyways. It’s about forgiveness and the strength to carry on. And the ties that bind us to one another.

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  • Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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Kat is finally living her best life with her husband Carl and their two girls when all of a sudden Dave, her ex-boyfriend, shows up in her doorway as a ghost. Dave wants to know what had happened to him, and Kat can’t help but be curious too. In order for them to find out what had happened to Dave, Kat has to revisit the past, which is hard for her to do as Kat had a rough past. Kat and Dave also had so many ups and downs. There had been so much hurt between them but also so much love. After revisiting their past, can they figure out what happened to Dave?

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