Terribly Twisted Tales
Terribly Twisted Tales
Terribly Twisted Tales
Jean Rabe, Martin H. Greenberg
Eighteen original stories that take familiar fairy tales and shift them around to give an entirely new slant. Fairy tales are among the earliest fantasies we are exposed to when young and impressionable. They stay with us throughout our lives, whether in their original versions or filtered thorugh cartoon retellings. What more fun could a fantasy writer have than to take up the challenge of drawing up on this rich material and transforming it into something new? The eighteen stories in Terribly Twisted Tales do exactly that. From the adventure of the witch in the gingerbread house and her close encounter with an oven... To Golda Lockes, who has a special arrangement with those well-known bears... To a murderous attack with a glass slipper... To Jack, a successful theorectical geneticist, who discovers just how perilous research can be... To a wolf detective who sets out to solve "Grandma's" murder...   This volume highlights inventive stories that give a new perspective on classic tales! Includes stories from:   Dennis L. McKiernan — Annie Jones — Chris Pierson Mickey Zucker Reichert — Mary Louise Eklund — Robert E. Vardeman Kathleen Watness — Jody Lynn Nye — Jim C. Hines Steven D. Sullivan — Brendan DuBois — Paul Genesse Ramsey "Tome Wyrm" Lundock — Skip & Penny Williams — Elizabeth A. Vaughan Janet Deaver-Pack — Kelly Swails — Michael A. Stackpole

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  • Anthology
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Approaching famous fairy tales from a different direction, the eighteen stories in Terribly Twisted Tales will challenge the reader's preconceived notion of a fairy tale. This anthology edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg includes stories by Dennis L. McKiernan, Annie Jones, Chris Pierson, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Mary Louis Eklund, Robert E. Vardeman, Kathleen Watness, Jody Lynn Nye, Jim C. Hines, Steven D. Sullivan, Brendan DuBois, Paul Genesse, Ramsey Lundock, Skip & Penny Williams, Elizabeth A. Vaughn, Janet Deaver-Pack, Kelly Swails, and Michael A. Stackpole.

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