Tempting Fake
Tempting Fake

When it starts with one simple word: ‘Hello’, how will it end?

Cherry’s world becomes lonely and isolated when her mum marries Lord Milborne and she is sent away to Helton Manor, an elite boarding school for girls in the Lake District. She finds life there difficult and despite the gradual acceptance of her roommates Suki, Rahma and Tasha, she turns to the social media app Pictapost for solace and friendship, where she meets Adam.

Adam is the American-born son of a US air force captain and an English mother, who lives on an air force base in Suffolk, England. He attends the exclusive, very British Priory School and as the only American there, he is friendless and bullied. Then, one day, he connects with Cherry on Pictapost, and that’s when their problems start.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Tempting Fake by Tracey Morait follows dual protagonists, who both feel isolated from their peers and rely on Pictapost (a popular picture-posting and chat app) to feel connected. However, both teens cope by using Pictapost differently. Behind one side of the screen is Cherry, Helton Manor’s “New Girl”, seeking validation. Her validation comes from creepy fans’ likes, comments, and direct messages on her risky photos and flirtatious captions.

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