Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing Life
Surfer Girl
Sanoe Lake, Steven Jarrett
Surfing is back and bigger than ever, with girls now hitting the waves in unprecedented numbers. Girls who just wanna be cool know that surfing is the way to do it-while having fun and getting into great shape at the same time. But becoming a surfer isn't just figuring out how to stand up on a board; it's how to walk the walk and talk the talk, how not to flop out of your top, and knowing how to deal with one of the biggest hazards of the sea-boys in the water. It's also about learning patience, discipline, focus, and perseverance. Jam-packed with full-color photos, dynamic graphics, comics, and instructional art, surfer girl Sanoe Lake's comprehensive guide not only teaches style, skills, and safety-it empowers readers with all of the sassy wit and attitude that made Sanoe a favorite character in the cult flick Blue Crush.

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  • Educational
  • Sports

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  • 12 and up
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Surfer Girl, A Guide to the Surfing Life written by Sanoe Lake with Steven Jarrett is a fun, informative read about the sport of surfing. As a lifelong surfer and star of the surfing movie Blue Crush, Lake compiled this "how to" with Jarrett, a writer and fellow surfer, to guide young adult females interested in adopting the surfing lifestyle. The comprehensive details include everything from how to select a surfboard, to a step-by-step guide for catching your first wave and how not to lose your bikini top in the water.

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