The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball
The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball
The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball
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Cheerful Ruby and her shy friend Eleanor couldn’t be more different. Ruby has lived her whole life in Paris, New Hampshire. Eleanor’s family is from Sri Lanka. But these best friends share one thing: they both have impossible dreams.Ruby and Eleanor live in the quaint town of Paris, New Hampshire, located at the base of Sugar Mountain, an exclusive ski resort in the White Mountains. Every winter, Paris comes alive with "Outers," wealthy families from out of town who own ski condos and wear designer clothes, luxuries that Ruby and Eleanor (and most of the year-round residents of Paris) cannot afford.One December day, Ruby and Eleanor stumble across Madame Magnifique, the "World’s Most Divine Psychic," who urges them to unlock their deepest dreams. Ruby’s has always been to mingle with Outers, and now, more than ever, she is determined to make that dream come true.As a chain of events unfolds over the winter months, both girls find themselves on a journey of self-discovery that starts with unlikely friendships, secret crushes, and newfound skills, and snowplows to an unexpected outcome.A relevant story in today’s world―exploring cross-cultural sensitivities and diversity within a classic New England microcosm―"The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball" questions the role of destiny and the ability we all have to achieve that which seems impossible.

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  • Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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Ruby LaRue lives in New Hampshire in a small snowy ski town. What she wishes more than anything is to be like the rich kids that come in to the small town to ski. Everyone calls them outsiders and she thinks that it would be fun to be one of them, with all of their fancy ski stuff, perfect lives and popularity.

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The Sugar Mountain Snowball is about two best friends named Ruby and Eleanor. Ruby and Eleanor both have dreams, but each dream is very different. Ruby has dreamed for a long time to mingle with the “outsiders”, who are very rich and happy. Eleanor who is both smart and creative dreams to someday have her own fashion line.

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I also read this book and I agree with Cranberry's review. This book would be good for about fourth graders because it didn't have much of a plot, but over all it was a great book.
3 years 6 months ago
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