The Story of Cirrus Flux
The Story of Cirrus Flux
The Story of Cirrus Flux
Matthew Skelton
London, 1783. Orphan Cirrus Flux is being watched. Merciless villains are conniving to steal the world’s most divine power—The Breath of God—which they believe Cirrus has inherited. Now he faces a perilous journey through the dirty backstreets of the city as a sinister mesmerist, a tiny man with an all-seeing eye, and a skull-collecting scoundrel pursue him. Cirrus must escape them, but he’ll need to trust some unlikely allies if he hopes to thwart his foes . . . and survive a grand and terrifying showdown.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Story of Cirrus Flux is a fast-paced adventure. The book switches between the year 1783 in London and events in the past. In 1756 James Flux, Cirrus's father is on a ship near the Antarctic Circle and he sees a magical wall of light in the sky, some of which is captured in the small metal globe he wears around his neck. Then, in 1771, he sets off in hopes of seeing the light again, thinking it is the mystical substance known as the Breath of God. He leaves his newborn son, Cirrus, and the globe at the foundling hospital, because his wife has died.He is never seen again.
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