Stealing Henry
Stealing Henry
Stealing Henry
Carolyn MacCullough
"The night Savannah brains her stepfather with the frying pan is the night she decides to leave home for good."Fleeing from her stepfather's wrath, Savannah and her half brother, Henry, travel north toward their mother Alice's childhood home. As the runaways embark upon their journey, another story begins to unfold: glimpses of Alice as a teenager, caught in poignant first love and completely anaware of all the consequences love can carry.

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  • Fiction
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Does running away get you any closer to finding yourself? Stealing Henry is more than what the title implies. It is about family and about survival. The story impressively alternates between present day, following Savannah's attempt at escape, and 1986, when Savannah's mother was a teenager. The modern part of the story takes place over a matter of days, keeping up with the swift pace of Savannah and Henry as they go across the country.

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