Spells and Sleeping Bags
Spells & Sleeping Bags (Magic In Manhattan)
Spells and Sleeping Bags
Sarah Mlynowski
At long last, Rachel's powers have arrived and she's a bona fide get-your-broom-ready witch! And it's happened just in time. No Manhattan for her this summer—she's spending her vacation at Camp Wood Lake.But she's having some serious issues:Mosquitoes in the Adirondacks are incredibly thirsty.Her stepmom keeps sending embarrassing feminine hygiene care packages.She accidentally zapped away all her clothes.And there's a backstabber in her cabin intent on making life miserable.Good thing Rachel's a witch.

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  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Rachel Weinstein for what seems like forever, has watched her mom and little sister Miri show off their magic. But now in the third installment of Sarah Mlynowski's young adult series..... Rachel has powers! Plus as an added bonus Rachel and Miri will be going to summer camp, where also Raf will conveniently will be going. But to have the summer of her life, she'll have to fix some problems.

Have to zap back all of her clothes(little accident, no biggie)

Get out of baby level in swimming

Bathe in mosquito repellent(won't leave her alone)

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