Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter
Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter (Soren Book 1)
Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter
'One girl's fight to save her mother's life...A band of warrior angels guarding a powerful secret...Two worlds collide as the startling truth is revealed'Brand new for summer 2014! Book one in a new trilogy for fans of prize fighter novels and paranormal fantasy novels.Praise for Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter“Can Louise Nicks' debut novel hit the bar that has been set so high by the likes of Laini Taylor and Susan Ee? Yes she can, Soren breathes new life into the genre” - Random Redhead Ramblings“I love this story! It took angles and added in fighters for a whole new world to love! Beau is an amazing character... I couldn't get enough of her” - Serenity's Lovely Reads“Louise made the book original. The fighter element had a lot to do with this and the darker undertone to the criminal world added a deeper level of story you could sink your teeth into” - Lost To Books“I think the author, Louise Nicks, nailed it with this book as I found it very attention-grabbing and unique” - A Tiffyfit's Reading Corner“The most redeeming quality about Beau that readers will enjoy is that she is confident and fierce, but that she is also vulnerable” - Life Of A Female Bibliophile“This is a fast paced action fantasy with a touch of romance that pulls you in” - Hines and Bigham's Literary Tryst“It's refreshing to have a female protagonist in a YA paranormal novel that can actually fight for herself instead of needing a prince charming coming in to save her” - The Book LandersBook descriptionMixing the paranormal, romance, mystery and action, Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter tells the tale of female friendship and first loves, of an unbreakable bond between mother and daughter, and how some destinies are just too big and terrifying to accept.Flitting between the grimy London underworld where dangerous criminals lurk in every shadow, a prestigious private school for the rich and gifted where bullying is rife yet strong friendships are forged, and a quaint little cottage that's home to real angels, Soren is laced with vivid imagery and settings that soar off the page.SynopsisBeau Tolson is the London underworld’s most famous teenage prize fighter. In a seedy, gritty warehouse hidden deep within London's Docklands she fights tooth and nail. Not for glory, but for money to buy the only medication that can now keep her terminally ill mother alive. You could say that life is already tough enough for the impoverished teen, but it’s about to get crazy...When some of her friends start acting weird, and a mystifying new boy turns up outside the school gates, Beau is told a life changing secret: that not only are her friends angels, but she is going to become an angel too. It isn’t long before Beau finds herself torn between the divine and this world; between her responsibilities and the colossal destiny that awaits. A new paranormal fantasy romance for 2014Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter is book one in a new paranormal fantasy romance trilogy. If you enjoy action packed paranormal stories that meld sweet romance, heartfelt emotion, colourful characters and jaw-dropping action with a heart-shuddering ending, Soren is the book for you!Aimed at the young adult / teen fiction / adult crossover market, Soren will please readers of all ages who enjoy stories about good versus evil, fighting for the ones you love, the importance of female friendship, and finding your courage in the face of utmost fear. More praise for Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter“The story is well told and merges a darkly toned reality with the concept of angels existing amongst humans” - Sharon Stevenson (author of the Gallows series)“You'll feel pain and sorrow and joy and one girl's fierce determination that nobody is going to take her mother away. I think death himself may run from this girl...” - Emma Faragher (author of The Necromancer's Revenge)

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