Socrates' Letter
Socrates's letter (Philosophy and wisdom Book 1)
Socrates' Letter
An attractive presentation of a fictional letter written by Socrates from prison to his sons shortly before his death, that explains the man's philosophies and outlook on life. Excerpt:For many years I’ve walked through the streets, squares, and gardens of Athens. Like an older brother, I’ve spoken with its citizens and with foreigners about what is good and what is beautiful. I’ve visited philosophers, poets, and politicians. I’ve entered the shops of tanners, butchers, and potters. Everywhere, I’ve tried to show that true wisdom is in the soul, which is infinitely superior to the body. Nothing could divert me from my enemies ever more numerous. I was incorruptible and soon I shall be so forever.Why did I do all this? After all, I could have gone into trade to please your mother. We would have had silver spoons and sweet perfumes in lacquered bottles. But you see I’m ugly. My eyes bulge, my nostrils turn up, my mouth is narrow and I’ve a pug nose . If I had not become a philosopher, my soul would have been as ugly as my face, my desires would be as flat as my nose.Oh of course, you’ll often hear Socrates called a horsefly, a serpent or even a numbfish, which has nothing to do with my physique. It’s because I’ve disturbed many men and women. I wanted to help them. I had to jostle them to wake them up. If it hurt them, it was only because they needed it. Truth doesn’t exist without pain. Nevertheless, apologize for me but, by the dog, don’t ever say that I asked you to do so.

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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