The Silver Donkey
The Silver Donkey
The Silver Donkey
Don Powers, Sonya Hartnett
From extraordinary novelist Sonya Hartnett comes a gently told fable of a lost soldier, heroic children, and a steadfast donkey.One morning in the woods of World War I France, two young sisters stumble upon an astonishing find — a soldier, temporarily blinded by war, who has walked away from battle longing to see his gravely ill younger brother. Soon the care of the soldier becomes the girls' preoccupation, but it's not just the secret they share that emboldens them to steal food and other comforting items for the man. They are fascinated by what he holds in his hand — a tiny silver donkey. As the girls and their brother devise a plan for the soldier's safe passage home, he repays them by telling four wondrous tales about the humble donkey — from the legend of Bethlehem to a myth of India, from a story of rescue in war to a tale of family close to the soldier's heart. Sonya Hartnett explores rich new territory in this inspiring tale of kindness, loyalty, and courage.

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  • Classic
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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The Silver Donkey is a young adult fiction book written by Sonya Hartnett,and it takes place during World War I.The story starts one day when two sisters, Marcelle and Coco, find a runaway solider in the woods. The solider, Lieutenant Shepard, is blind and is trying to get back home to his dying brother. Marcelle, the oldest sister, realizes they can't get the solider home without help, so they tell their older brother, Pascal. Pascal creates a plan to help get the solider home. In return, the solider tells the children four stories about his good luck charm, a silver donkey.
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