Signed, Skye Harper
Signed, Skye Harper
Signed, Skye Harper
Carol Lynch Williams
In trying to reunite with her mother, Winston discovers the many meanings of family and finds friendship in an unexpected place in this coming-of-age novel from the author of Waiting, which Kirkus Reviews, in a starred review, called “exceptional” and Glimpse, which Booklist called “gripping.”Life is just fine for fourteen-year-old Winston. She loves her dog, Thelma, and although she never knew her dad, and her mom left ten years ago in search of Hollywood fame, Winston has family with Nanny, who is in her forties, and that doesn’t even make her old. But a “just fine” life gets a lot more exciting when a letter arrives from Skye Harper, aka Judith Fletcher, aka Winston’s mother. She needs help, and Nanny says the best way to give it is to take a cross-country road trip—in a “borrowed” motor home—to go find Mama once and for all. Winston’s not so sure about this plan, but with a cute stowaway named Steve along for company and an adventure on the horizon, this is sure to be a summer to remember.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Fifteen-year-old Winston Fletcher and her grandma Nanny have a really good story to tell the police if they get thrown in jail. Winston’s fame-chasing mother, Skye Harper, has sent a letter begging for help. Her life has not been as glamorous as she thought it would be when she left eleven years ago, and Las Vegas is not a good city for the poor. While Winston is perfectly content spending the summer of 1972 swimming, watching the Olympics, and crying over General Hospital, Nanny feels the maternal need to help her daughter.

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