Shifting Portals
Shifting Portals
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Lizzie and Johnny are back again, but this time the Portal House is in trouble. Someone has cursed the house so that it can’t access magic. As a result, the House is dying. When the kids’ dear friend Inés tries to help, she ends up cursed as well! Now Lizzie and Johnny have to travel all over the world trying to find a way to break the curse and save their friends. But old enemies keep popping up and even a powerful spell book said to belong to the wizard Merlin himself might not be enough to keep everyone safe.

Join Lizzie and Johnny as they encounter new spells, weird characters, and the legendary Master of Time and Space, who never quite seems to be what he appears.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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After spending a summer in California, Lizzie is excited to get back to her life back home. She misses her room, her friends, and most importantly the magical house next door! Lizzie lives next to the Portal House, a magical house that has portals allowing people to travel all over the world. No one else in Lizzie's town except Lizzie and her friend Johnny know about the magic the house holds, but the past year an evil warlock named Oliver tried to steal the House's power. When Lizzie first gets back, she is excited.

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Shifting Portals by Kelsey Ruud is a fantasy book about some teenagers as they go on an adventurous journey to lift the curse placed on the Portal House. How would you feel if you found a house with a portal that could take you around the world? Well, Lizzie, a young girl who couldn't wait to get home after spending the summer in California, thought about her friends and more importantly, a secret. She had found a Portal House with her friend Johnny, which could take them anywhere in the world. When she arrived in Portland, her home, she tried to stay patient until it was nighttime.

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