ShadowQueen (L.O.S.T.)
Susan Vaught, Debbie Federici
The Shadowmaster has been defeated and the witch sanctuaries are safe for now. But the effort has cost Jazz her life. Trapped in Talamadden, the land of the dead, the former Queen of the Witches is lost in a dark limbo until a spirit guide revives her memories. Desperate to reunite with Bren, she wrestles menacing harpies and shadows to find a way back to the living. Meanwhile, Bren has become King of the Witches and is now in charge of the witch villages. But he abandons them to search for Jazz, his true love, despite the fact that crossing over to Talamadden would surely kill him. Will Bren and Jazz join up once again to fight evil forces intent on destroying the witches? Or will Bren's impulsive departure leave the witch villages vulnerable to the shadows?

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Brenden(Bren) and Jasimina(Jazz) have defeated the Shadowmaster, but have also lost Jazz to the cold grip of death in doing so. Bren misses Jazz. He has rebuilt the path with his brother and now all he wants is his girlfriend, Jazz, back. When Bren learns that there is a chance for him to get Jazz back, he sets his mind on taking that chance. But where Jazz is, few have dared enter, and even fewer have come back. Jazz is in Talamadden, and all she wants is to get back to Bren. And with the aid of a blue peacock, she intends on exiting Talamadden and going back home.

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