In Shade And Shadow
In Shade and Shadow: A Novel of The Noble Dead
In Shade And Shadow
J.C. Hendee, Barb Hendee
Returning to the Guild of Sagecraft bearing texts allegedly written by vampires during the time of the Forgotten History and Great War, Wynn Hygeorht is disturbed when the Guild seizes the documents, several pages vanish, and the sages carrying them are murdered and, believing that the Noble Dead are responsible, launches a personal campaign to reveal the truth.

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  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In Shade and Shadow is the first installment of the second series in the ongoing Saga of the Noble Dead. Since returning from her last journeyor's assignment two seasons ago, Wynn Hygeorht has found it difficult to adjust to life in the guild; not to mention much of the order envies her for bringing back one of the greatest treasures in the guild's history. But things stir up in Calm Seatt after two sages are killed and a translation folio is stolen by an unknown suspect.

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After Wynn escaped the castle of ancient vampires with Magiere and Leesil, she returns to her hometown, Calm Seatt. The Guild of Sagecraft has texts penned by vampires. Wynn also has journals with her tales of the undead. Butthe Guild's Scholars have not dismissed the texts. But, without Wynn's permission they start sending out her texts so they can be copyied. Th next day several of Wynn's papers had disapeared. The two people that sent out the texts were murdered....Wynn thinks the Noble Dead are responsible for the killings of the two men.

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