See No Evil
See No Evil
See No Evil
Jamila Gavin
This spellbinding haunted-house story takes place within the confines of a grand London mansion, a place where shadowy characters are always coming and going, almost like ghosts. But when twelve-year-old Nettie’s beloved tutor disappears, the cloistered yet savvy girl must pull her head out of the sand and find out why. In her search, she makes a friend and turns detective, coming apart yet coming alive as she discovers deeply disturbing things about her father and how he funds her family’s extravagant lifestyle – through human trafficking. The award-winning author’s new novel is a rich and riveting story about the dangers of turning a blind eye to unsightly events and unsavory possibilities.

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  • Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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"See No Evil" is the tale of a girl named Nettie. She does not go to school like all other kids. Instead, she has a private tutor. Her favorite of these tutors, Miss Kovachev, disappears under mysterious circumstances. After her parents refuse to tell her why, she asks for the help of her friend Bennie, the night watchmen's son. They soon begin to uncover the horrifying reality behind Nettie's father, Vladamir (aka Vlad the Implaer), and many other shocking truths.

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