Secrets of Tamarind
Secrets of Tamarind (The Book of Tamarind)
Secrets of Tamarind
Nadia Aguiar
It's been four years since Maya, Simon, and Penny Nelson left the lost island of Tamarind. For Maya, the island is a nearly forgotten part of her childhood; for Penny, it's a secret place she can't remember, but longs to see; and for Simon, it's an adventure waiting to happen. An evil group called the Red Coral Project is lurking around the Nelson's home in Bermuda, and the children discover that the project has moved into Tamarind, and are desiccating it to ruin. Only the Nelson's can save the island.In Tamarind, there is the mystery of the magical mineral ophalla that Red Coral is greedily mining, their old pirate ship, the Pamela Jane, and the secret of their friend Helix's parentage. This time, it is up to Simon to put the clues together, and save his sisters from the island and the nefarious Red Coral Project―and defeat Red Coral before the magnificent island is put to ruin. Nadia Aguiar's sequel to The Lost Island of Tamarind, crafts a vivid story reminiscent of such classics as Peter Pan, full of adventure, magic, and haunting beauty.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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The book starts while a family is staying at their grandmother's house in Bermuda after finding the mysterious, lost island of Tamarind hidden inside the Bermuda triangle three years earlier.Maya,16, Simon,13, and Penny, 6, now find themselves in a strange and dangerous situation. The company they were working for, The Red Coral Project, an undercover company, decides to post guards around their house to keep them from leaving their grandmothers home. The children are restless because they must stay near the house, away from school, and they know nothing about what is happening.

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Maya, Simon and Penny return to Tamarind, the mysterious island they first encountered in The Lost Island of Tamarind(Book one in the series), after alarming messages from their friend Helix and strange deceased animals washing onto the shores of Bermuda. The three children and Helix board the Pamela Jane (the family boat) and sail to Tamarind only to find the Island to be invaded by the Red Coral a mysterious, private and dangerous organization.

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