Secrets for Sale
Secrets for Sale (Faithgirlz! / Boarding School Mysteries)
Secrets for Sale
Bruce Emmett, Kristi Holl
When Jeri McKane is blamed by her best friend Rosa for using a secret against her, Jeri's world is turned upside down. Unless the real blackmailer is found, Rosa could be expelled from Landmark School and her starring role in Cinderella given to a snobbish seventh grader. Worse still, Jeri could lose her best friend's trust just when things with her own absentee father are heating up. Why does everything have to be so complicated---and where is God when you need him? Middle schoolers will identify with Jeri and her friends as they solve this mystery and learn valuable lessons about truth-telling, faith, hope, and love.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In Secrets for Sale by Kristi Holl, a work of Christian fiction, protagonist Jeri finds herself neck-deep in a case of blackmail against her best friend, Rosa. Only, the worst part is that Rosa thinks it is Jeri who's doing the blackmailing! Jeri is determined to help her friend and save their friendship. Starting with the most likely suspects, Jeri is sidetracked when Rosa is thrown off the drama team because she did not pay the blackmailer. Miss Kimberly, the drama teacher, seems appalled, but yet . . . not so much. Is there more to Miss Kimberly than meets the eye?

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