Season of the Witch
Season of the Witch
Season of the Witch
Mariah Fredericks
Like Fredericks's The Girl in the Park, here is a page-turner that perfectly captures the world of New York City private schools, as it explores the notion of power among teenage girls. Publisher's Weekly, in a starred review, raves, "Fredericks again proves her gift for conveying the intensity of adolescence, while exploring the ways girls’ sexuality is used against them and asking why 'we all have to be predators and prey.'"Queen Bee Chloe is going to make Toni suffer for whatever transpired between Toni and Chloe's boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. From day one of eleventh grade, she has Toni branded as a super slut, and it isn't long before things get so ugly that Toni fears for her safety. What's a scared, powerless, and fed-up teenager to do? Guided by Cassandra—a girl with some serious problems of her own—Toni decides to stop playing the victim and take control. Cassandra has been experimenting with witchcraft, and together they cast a spell on Chloe that may actually cause her death. Could Toni have really made such an awful thing happen?

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Toni and Oliver had a romantic relationship over the summer. However, Oliver is Chloe's boyfriend. From the beginning of junior year, Toni has been harassed by Chloe and her friends. What makes things even worse? Oliver won't help Toni defend herself nor will he tell Chloe to stop. Then, a lonely girl named Cassandra offers to help Toni fight back using dark magic. Will Toni go ahead with Cassandra's plans of vengeance or will she be forever tormented for the rest of her high school experience?

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