Rockin' the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries
Rockin' the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries - From Joan of Arc to Malcom X
Rockin' the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries
We love to root for the underdog, and that's part of why we're drawn to the stories of revolutionaries. Whether they fail, succeed, or succeed only to become what they once fought against, people who can rally others to their cause and shake up the status quo tend to be inherently interesting. Rockin' the Boat tells the stories of 50 such legends throughout the world, from people fed up with the Roman Empire and the revolutionaries who helped create America.

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Right now, dystopias full of characters fighting against regimes are hot in the YA world. But what about the real-life rebels? The fifty powerful men and women in Rockin’ the Boat made a huge impact on our world. They were born into worlds where something was wrong, whether it be unfair voting rights or oppressive rulers. No matter what the cost, they decided that they would  start a revolution.

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