Rise of the Heroes
Rise of the Heroes (Hero.com)
Rise of the Heroes
Andy Briggs
Toby, Pete, Lorna, and Emily are just average kids―until they stumble upon a Web site called Hero.com and download powers that turn them into superheroes. At first, flying, teleporting, and shooting lasers from their eyes seems like nothing but fun. But when the supervillain Doc Tempest kidnaps Toby and Lorna's mom, things take a darker turn. Now the heroes must band together and use their new skills―from super-strength to invisibility―to rescue their mom, fight evil, and try to save the world from destruction. Of course, little do they know that Villain.net is out there too, recruiting teens for the other side. . . .

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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When Toby, Lorna, Pete, and Emily stumble on a website that gives them superpowers it soon gets them in trouble. In order to get hero points they must perform jobs. When Toby and Lorna's mother is kidnapped they have no choice but to save her. With their friends' help of course. Can they do all of this even though they get bullied all day from the school kids? Will these mere kids be enough to stop a super villain? Find out when you fly through the pages of this book!

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At the click of a button, Hero.com gives you power beyond your wildest dreams. These powers send four kids on a quest to save their mother and the world. They don't realize that Jake Hunter, the school's top bully, has discovered Villian.net. Now he is working with Basilisk, who will guide Jake on the path of evil! Can the heros of Hero.com end the evil rampage. Read to find out.

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