Ravenheart (Ravenheart Series)
K. A. Thomas
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The power of the Creator God is dead. His pendant lies dormant, forgotten inside the altar of a temple dedicated to worshiping statues and demons. Few know of a prophecy and a girl who might not only awaken the blessed pendant, but also a power so evil and deadly it could destroy the world. Ayla, a human child raised by dwarfs, must solve the mystery of the pendant before a spoiled prince and devious priestess crush a kingdom's hopes forever.

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  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Ayla is just a normal 17-year-old girl... that grew up in a dwarf community. Although she knows that she is a human, her knowledge of the human world is severely lacking. She is ugly by dwarf standards; too tall and too slender with black, unruly hair, and nearing the end of her years of eligibility. It seems that all hopes for her future are lost, until one night she runs away, distraught from the other young dwarves mocking her. She falls into the river and is carried down to the human world. There she is found by an arrogant prince named Noland and his solemn captain, Roderick.

Profile Picture

Ayla was found as a human baby in a forest next to a dwarf village. An old widower finds her and decides to take her in as his own child. Sixteen summers pass, and Ayla begins to feel more like an outcast in the village than a member. After a public humiliation, she escapes into the forest to avoid the embarrasment of seeing her dwarf father. After being startled, she falls into a deep stream and that carries her away. The next day she finds herself far away from her dwarf home with her own species.

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