Queen B
Queen B
Queen B
Laura Peyton Roberts
To B or to Bee?Cassie has been second best all her life, but as Snow Queen runner-up—with a cute new boyfriend, to boot—she’s determined to reach new social heights this semester. The time has come to move from Queen B to Queen Bee.But how is she supposed to fly when life keeps pinching her wings? Her lovesick brother is determined to mortify her in public. She’s in charge of her school’s talentless talent show, where at any moment someone could pull back the curtain and expose her (many) insecurities. The people she cares most about are mad at her. (Again.) And her nemesis, Sterling, has an evil new clone, one who’s making a hobby of humiliating Cassie—and making a beeline for Kevin.Does being popular mean you have to sting like a bee? Or can a girl become queen without losing her honey? Let the buzz begin!

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Cassie Howard, always the runner up in school, has somehow managed to take the hottest guy, Kevin, from Sterling, the most popular girl in school. As her popularity starts to rise in the school, so does her rivalry with Sterling. Add on to the situation a little brother who manages to get her into sticky situations, Cassie seems to be losing her touch. Then, she is given a role of stage director in the talent school her school is holding, and more and more people are not taking Cassie seriously.

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