The Prism Blade
The Prism Blade: Passage to Mythrin
The Prism Blade
Patricia Bow
In The Ruby Kingdom, readers were captivated as Amelia Hammer and her cousin, Simon, and friend, Ike, discovered a secret gate leading from the small, southern-Ontario town of Dunstone to the extraordinary land of Mythrin - a world populated by dragons. Now, dragon leader, Mara, seeks the help of Amelia and her friends again. This time, a peculiar race of humans from a world called Cassar is searching for the Prism Blade - a legendary weapon forged at the beginning of time. Both the dragons and the Casseri seek the Prism Blade for their own protection; both the dragons and the Casseri fear the Blade falling into each others' hands. Caught in the middle, Amelia, Simon, and Ike are also caught by surprise when they discover that the Prism Blade has been hidden for centuries in their own town ... and is one of the most treasured objects in all of Dunstone.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Prism Blade is the second book in the series The Passage to Mythrin. Amelia, Simon, and Ike get caught in the middle of a battle that has been raging forever between Dragons and Humans. Simon wants his life to go back to normal after the first visit to Mythrin, but Amelia and Mara (the dragon she met in the last visit) have different ideas. Amelia believes that she is being sent dreams from Mara that are telling her to go find a passage way to Mythrin. The dreams eventually lead them to a library window, which eventually leads them to Mythrin.

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