Mary Jane Beaufrand
The Italian Renaissance was a cultural explosion of art, architecture and learning, but it had a darker side. Two powerful families, the tyrannical Medici and their biggest rivals, the Pazzi, are tangled in a bloody struggle for ultimate power. Caught in the whirlwind is Flora, the last daughter of the Pazzi. As her beautiful older sister is being painted by the famed artist Botticelli, Flora is dreading her fate. Destined for life in a convent, Flora is determined to take matters into her own hands, even as her world crumbles around her. When Flora decides runs away, she has no idea that the decision will save her life. As her family falls to their murderous enemy, Flora must find a new life and a new identity.Inspired by actual events, Primavera is a dazzling coming of age story set during a time of beauty and wealth, ambition, rivalry and brutality. Historical art references to Boticelli and his famous painting, Primavera, give this book an appeal similar to Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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14-year-old Flora is the last daughter of the Pazzi, though she is hardly treated like one. While her older brothers and sister live a life of luxury, she waits on them like a servant. Determined to from having to live at a convent, Flora devises a plan to win her parents' approval. But soon she must throw everything away in an attempt to save her family's and her dear friend Emilio's lives. As everything she loves is stripped away from her, Flora must go into hiding to save herself.

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