The Power of Powers: Vol 1 Huaxia Journals
The Power of Powers: Volume One of the Huaxia Journals
The Power of Powers: Vol 1 Huaxia Journals
Orchid Huang and her brother Monkey couldn't be more different. She loves reading, studying, and learning about the world. He likes kicking back with his feet on a chair and his headphones turned up. She dreams of great discoveries while they travel the world with their archeologist dad. He just wants to find ways to avoid hard work.On a trip near the ancient silk route, they make a discovery that changes their lives--and just might change history. A mystic force takes them three thousand years into the past where they get stuck in the middle of a war between two powerful dynasties. Worse yet, it's up to them to stop the war.Orchid wants to help. Monkey just wants to get home. An evil sorcerer wants them dead. With the help of an old hermit, a young girl, and some friendly gods, Orchid and Monkey discover their own strengths and powers. Will it be enough to fight off the sorcerer, magical beasts, and an entire army of battle-hardened soldiers?

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  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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