Lon Dee


From Amazon.com:
I've enjoyed writing for much of my life and also love reading and learning about world history and cultures. I've lived, worked, and traveled in Asia and speak fluent Mandarin, and this background is reflected in much of my writing. I currently reside near the lake in northern Utah, USA, with my wife and family and a varying assortment of pets.

I like to write about places and events that take my readers to somewhere or some time they've never been--somewhere exciting or exotic--because those are the kinds of places I like to visit. I spent some time on a humanitarian trip working in a small village in Indonesia, and came home with an idea to write about my experiences there. The result was Borneo Fever, which I think accurately portrays the mystique and intrigue of the dense jungles in that part of the world.

When in college, I spent a semester abroad living in Taiwan and researching the grave sites and Buddhist temples there. I drew from that experience for some of the background for The Power of Powers, which begins in the mystical Mogao Grottos at the end of the Silk Route in China.

My beautiful wife is Chinese, and our family has been richly rewarded with her knowledge of the customs and folklore of East Asia. She was an invaluable resource to me as I wrote Amira, which delves into the mysteries of Asian mythology.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.


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