Please Let Me Destroy You
Please Let Me Destroy You

While participating in a casino heist in the Cambodian jungle, Apollo Jones has a crippling panic attack. He's no seasoned criminal—he's a filmmaker, caught up in an absurd casino heist plan in the hopes that he can use the story for the first season of a preposterously ambitious TV show he dreams of selling to HBO or Netflix or some other global streaming powerhouse. Spoiler alert: his panic attack stuffs up the heist and as punishment, his partners slice off his right pinky. But the show is all he has, so Apollo bandages his stump and heads off on a multi-continent search for content.

From person to person, country to country, and through all kinds of addictions, Apollo chases adventure while struggling to find his own identity. As he generates, purchases, and even steals stories for his show, Apollo risks destroying himself, his relationships, and the people he comes to love.

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  • Fiction

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  • Adult
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Please Let Me Destroy You is a contemporary fiction book by Rupert Taylor that tells the story of a young man as he strives through adventures to find his true self. Apollo's goal is to publish a TV series. As a filmmaker, he tried his best to provide evidence of his filmmaking skills, but it always did not end well. While searching for some social media content for a company, he stumbled upon a young lady named Nhu and the two got acquainted and were in a relationship for a while. Soon, things began to take a drastic turn when Apollo began his adventures of traveling to countries.

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