Phliberty-Jibbits: Anything Is Possible
William Moore
Eleven-year-old Ima Jean Snodgrass is a very sad little girl. First her parents divorced and now her mother has moved the two of them to Elmwood. Poor and friendless, Ima Jean is beginning to think that nothing good will ever happen for her again. Until she stumbles upon the strange little shop called Phliberty-Jibbits. Run by the eccentric Philbert Phliberty and his partner, Gerald Jibbits, Phliberty-Jibbits is a wonderful place full of amazing things (like flying pigs) and where, for the price of a smile, Ima Jean can have anything her heart desires. Unfortunately the mad scientist, Professor Horace P. Hemlock, has kidnapped Jibbits and is threatening drastic measures unless complete control of Phliberty-Jibbits is turned over to him. Now it's up to Ima Jean to help rescue Jibbits and save the day. But first she'll have to defeat Professor Hemlock's half spider/half wolf monster, the Spiderwolf.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This story, Phliberty-Jibbits, by William Moore is about a young girl named Ima Jean Snodgrass, who finds a little shop called Phliberty-Jibbits . Ima Jean makes new friends and learns anything is possible. Phliberty, who is the owner of the shop, goes on a daring rescue to find Jibbits. Ima Jean goes with him and tries to survive a lot of obstacles, and will Ima Jean rescue Jibbits and save Phliberty from losing the shop?

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