Perceived Unfair Advantage
Perceived Unfair Advantage

Charlie Blondell, a recent college graduate with a capacity for deep concentration, discovers while playing video poker on his father’s Las Vegas-style game that he possesses a hitherto unknown ability. After drawing a hand and holding the appropriate cards, he can exert a mysterious influence over some of the cards drawn. This gift shifts the odds away from the house and slightly in his favor.

After confirming his ability and being kicked out of a nearby Louisiana casino, he and his life-long girlfriend, Karen Lawrence, invade the Strip in Las Vegas, intending to build a nest egg for their upcoming marriage. Casino security officers, although observing his unusual play and unlikely winning streaks, are unable to detect any form of tampering with the machines.

Their gambling adventures produce many humorous situations and several quirky people.

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  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Perceived Unfair Advantage by David Rountree follows the story of Charlie Blondell, a fresh college graduate who is known for his quirk of intense concentration and daydreaming, and his childhood sweetheart, Karen. One day, Charlie decides to try his hand on his father’s video poker machine. To his surprise, he discovers that he has a psychic power that can influence the draw of the cards in the game.

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