Out of Order
Out of Order
Out of Order
Betty Hicks
One million American children become part of blended family every year. What happens to stepsiblings when the oldest child suddenly becomes the middle child, and the youngest even younger? Out of Order delivers four electric points of view from stepsiblings, ages nine to fifteen, in a super-unsettled, scrambled-up family. An unforgettable Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, plus 120 hazardous bug snacks, equals humor, insight, and serious indigestion. Betty Hicks gives us her most entertaining and complex novel yet.

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  • Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book is about a family that is slowly falling apart and changing. The parents have divorced leaving the children "In the Pits." Now their mother has remarried to a man who her children don't like. If there is any up-side they love their new step-brother. He's funny, and likes doing anything and everything they like. Though, everywhere they go something goes wrong. Everything really is "Out of Order."

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