Ortzian Chronicles
Ortzian Chronicles

Two aliens crash land on our fragment. They need to be rescued by the Ortzians which will take some time. A scientist from Berkeley discovers their presence on our fragment. He is power mad to win a Nobel Prize in anything and begins a search to hunt down the Ortzians. Two astronomers agree to help them hide out until the rescue party can arrive from Ortz. The aliens are 2000 years ahead in their evolution so they have some defenses
to help them evade capture. A wild and often hilarious pursuit ensues while waiting to be rescued.

Book Details


  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

After making a false alarm about a giant meteor, Sam Slade is seen as a joke in most of his scientific circles. So, when he accidentally discovers two aliens lost from their planet (or more accurately, they found him), he is excited to share his discovery. He soon finds out that he can't tell anyone about the aliens as they are from planet xxxyyyzzz, and if they are unable to get home in the next chance, they will have to wait around 1000 human years. The only problem is that Dr. Globule has heard of the aliens, and he is determined to find them.

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