The Oracle Betrayed
The Oracle Betrayed: Book One of The Oracle Prophecies
The Oracle Betrayed
Catherine Fisher
They might not know what the future holds,but they know they hold it in their hands.Mirany, the newly appointed attendant to the Speaker, is untested, in fear for her life, and keeper of the god's secrets. Seth, an ambitious scribe toiling in the shadow of the pyramid, has discovered the secret labyrinths and underground passages to the tombs.Hermia, the Speaker, interprets the words of the god and twists his wishes to suit her treachery.General Argelin, the cunning leader in league with the Speaker, intends to dictate the choosing of the new ruler Alexos, the quiet boy, is fated to rule the land -- unless his enemies succeed in their plot.Oblek, the foolish musician, may be the only person who can keep Alexos alive.The Jackal, the black-market tomb raider, will strike like a scorpion if anyone interferes with his scheme to rob the sacred catacombs

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  • 12 and up
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Mirany is the youngest of the Nine, the Archon, the living God of this Ancient Egyptian- like land. The Archon then dies to bring rain, and a new Archon must be found. The Speaker, the leader of the Nine, is corrupt, and plots to place a false Archon. Together, Mirany and the old Archon's musician, Obler, must place the true Archon on his rightful throne.

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Mirany, a young women, is elected to be the bearer of the Gods. She has to tell the Speaker (who tells the people what the God wants) if the God is in the people's presence. Mirany lives with the nine, who are some of the most respected people in her country. There are people in the nine like the taster-of-the-Gods who do important things for the Gods and the people. When Archon, the ruler of the land, dies he gives Mirany a note saying that the Oracle is betrayed, the Speaker can not hear the Gods, and the Speaker is making ideas up in her head and in the people's favor.

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