Open Ice
Open Ice
Open Ice
Pat Hughes
NICKY TAG! NICKY TAG!All his life, crowds have been cheering for Nick Taglio.He’s been skating since he could walk, scoring goals since he picked up a hockey stick. He’s only a sophomore but he rules the ice, because Nicky Tag’s a fighter. Which means you have to take some hits; concussions come with the territory. When he gets another head injury, his doctor, his parents, and his coach tell him he can never play again. Too dangerous, they say. He can’t risk his future. But they don’t understand that without hockey, Nick has no future. It’s not a game, it’s his life. And nobody can stop him from playing.

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  • Fiction
  • Sports

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  • 12 and up
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Nick Taglio has been on the ice his entire life. He loves hockey and is the best player on his team despite having had three concussions. His life seemed perfect until his fourth concussion. After the concussion, he can never play hockey again. How could Nick give up his entire life just because of a little concussion?

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