The Oddball Chronicles
The Oddball Chronicles

Omar Odd is the kid who sits quietly in the back of the classroom with his headphones on. He is the kid who is always picked last for every team he tries to be apart of. He is the kid who's just searching for a little bit of peace and quiet, in a world full of chaotic noise. Omar Odd is a new transfer high school student to the town of Ridgewood. He prefers to live the life of an outsider, but even outsiders find an in crowd. As Omar grows into young adulthood he finds that his life is a series of trial and error. More often than not, he finds himself on the error side of things. With wittiness, luck, questionable judgment, and the help of new found friends, Omar attempts to navigate the road of life while avoiding oncoming traffic. These are his victories, his defeats, but most importantly, his truths. These are, The Oddball Chronicles.

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  • Fiction
  • Series
  • Short Story
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  • Mature Young Adult
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Omar Odd: outcast, new kid, Internet star, crew member, retail worker, unemployed TV star, friendzoner, truth teller. And this is just the beginning of Omar’s story. The Oddball Chronicles by Michael “Cerealsenei” Williams is about junior Omar Odd, who is new to Ridgewood High School and who takes great pains to remain anonymous and unseen by both his teachers and his peers. Unfortunately, his plans don’t quite work out the way he envisioned; however, unexpected plans are exactly what Omar really needed.

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