No Longer Daddy's Little Girl
No Longer Daddy's Little Girl
No Longer Daddy's Little Girl
Aarica J. Blackett
No Longer Daddy's Little Girl strips away the feeling of being the only young girl to go through this struggle of growing up in a fatherless household. The author redirected her negative energy towards excelling in her goals, academically, athletically, and spiritually. This book emphasizes the importance of young women shifting the blame and responsibility from the absent fathers to themselves, so they can take control of their own future and their own destiny. Through personal journal entries, stories, and lessons learned along the way, Aarica Blackett uses her experiences, as well as those from other young women, to help young girls become the exception and not another negative statistic.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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This book was written for young girls who have grown up in households without fathers. The author is trying to give advice to girls like these on how to move on and grow to be stronger from a situation like this instead of succumbing to the statistics that girls without fathers will not live good lives. By sharing her own personal experiences, and the experiences of other girls, Aarica J. Black aims to show these girls that they are not alone.

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