The New Mars: A Family Vacation
The New Mars: A Family Vacation
The New Mars: A Family Vacation
John Manning
A family of four goes Mars for vacation. At Mars there are new domes with hotels, an amusement park and other fun activities that are used by vacationers at Mars. The story starts with the family landing on the moon to transfer to a Space Jet that will take them to Mars. At Mars they find that there is less gravity then Earths, but more than that is on the moon. On Mars they stay in the low budget hotel at The New Mars facilities in Tent A. Tent A is a small tented city with a park in it and more. There are three Tents in The New Mars complexes. One has a sports complex with racing and other activates, it is amazing how the change of gravity affects the sports on Mars. The other Tent has the retirement community with a big mall and hospital. The kids want to play at the park all day but they find that there are other fun things to do on Mars. Next to their hotel there is a Skating Rink with a half pipe, they see a show there and the next day they go to skate. They find other things in Tent A like a bar that has an opened mike night every Thursday night. They find fun things to do in the other Tents also.The family has fun in each Tent, but on Friday they spend the day at Mars Dome which has grown into three domes. They take a tour of The Mars Domes and they spend time in the greenhouse of the Hotel Dome and meet a couple that want to invest in Mars. On Saturday they spend all day in Tent B and have fun playing and watching shows the big thing is Pod Racing.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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