Is This My Story
Is This MyStory: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Develop Confidence, Courage, Creativity & Compassion
Is This My Story
Have you ever felt as though your life was out of your control? Do exams and assessments send you into a tailspin? Are you too scared to pursue your passion, in case someone else does it better? Do you set targets only to find yourself drifting in another direction? Perhaps you are stuck in a wasteland of broken dreams? Or maybe you are a parent, desperately searching for a way to help your child navigate their teen years.How would you feel if someone handed you a key - a key which opened a door to a fresh stage, a secure place where you could face your inner and outer audience without fear? Imagine having the confidence, courage, creativity and compassion to live your dreams, rather than watching others take them away.Would you to learn how to direct your own life?Is this MyStory provides a phased sequence of ten steps to help you find your way through a wilderness of study, social pressure, familial expectations and identity recognition. Although primarily written for young adults, contained within the pages are important clues for parents, teachers and anyone else interested in supporting students who feel confused and directionless. Each chapter offers young people the functional tools they require to take ownership of their life and responsibility for their actions. These strategies can help them become the author of their own life, rather than being a character in someone else's. We like to call this a Learning Rite.Readers join characters Tania, John and Liz as they tread the learning path. This is a quest that leads toward greater self-awareness. Using a unique combination of short stories, reflective questioning and easy to follow theories, readers are shown strategies that can help them become aware of, and accountable for, their own behaviour. Therefore, Is This My Story could be described as a lifelong learning strategy which offers young adults the opportunity to actively and consciously direct their own life. Is This MyStory will encourage readers to stop believing that someone else dictates their thoughts, feelings and actions and instead, show them how to become critically literate individuals who consciously direct their own life.Too often students attend classes, listen to teachers and recount what they have heard, without really understanding what they are doing, why they are doing it, or how the learning applies to them. Is This MyStory aims to address this problem. Readers are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process. Author, Nicole Feledy is an English teacher with over fifteen years classroom experience. The strategies offered in Is This MyStory are the same strategies she uses in the classroom. These are strategies that work. Nicole discovered that by giving young people a voice and teaching them skills required to express themselves, she was also empowering them to take responsibility for their actions. The four Chapters in Is This MyStory are:MyKEY –The strategies offered here will help you uncover the tools of critical literacy so you can control your learning.MyDOOR –The strategies offered here will help you identify your strengths and values so you can become more confident in your choices.MySTAGE –The strategies offered here will help you gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions so you can achieve what you want to achieve.MyAUDIENCE –The strategies offered here will help you choose a mindful direction so you can be who you want to be.Is This MyStory is also available as a separate four part series;MyKEY: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Access the Door of Lifelong LearningMyDOOR: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Discover Who They Really AreMySTAGE: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Manage Their EmotionsMyAUDIENCE: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Become More AwareVisit our Website to signup for study tips or leave a comment on our blog,

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Is This MyStory: Practical Strategies to Help Young Adults Develop Confidence, Courage, Creativity and Compassion

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