Moxy Maxwell
Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You Notes
Moxy Maxwell
Valorie Fisher, Peggy Gifford
IT ISN€™T AS though Moxy isn€™t grateful for her Christmas presents. She is. She€™s just not thrilled that she has to write a thank-you note for each one by tomorrow . . . or she will not be allowed to fly to Hollywood to attend a starstuddedHollywood bash with the father she hasn€™t seen in three years. And writing thank-you notes is not something that a world-class Creative Type relishes doing. But it is more than writing thank-you notes that finally prevents Moxy from taking her trip. When her father cancels at the last minute, Moxy is forced to deal with the reality of a situation she doesn€™t want to accept, and can€™t change. But, not surprisingly, she rises to the occasion brilliantly.

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  • Humor
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In the book "Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-you Notes", a girl named Moxy Maxwell has a thank-you note disaster. It all starts on the day after Christmas when Moxy has to write twelve thank-you notes before she goes to bed or she doesn't get to fly to Hollywood to see her dad. Everything gets worse when she decides to make a copy of her thank-you note on her step-dad's new copier. Will Moxy get her thank-you notes finished in time to visit her dad? Read this book and find out.

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