The Mourning Emporium
The Mourning Emporium
The Mourning Emporium
michelle Lovric
Venice is in peril. Bajamonte Tiepolo is back, and his baddened magic has spread across the globe, from the island of Hooroo in the South Pacific, all the way to London, where Queen Victoria lies dying.Now two cities need saving by Teo, the Undrowned Child, and Renzo, the Studious Son of a Venetian prophecy. Time is running out as they try to unravel the mysteries threatening London and Venice. They meet mermaids and mourning children, giant squid, a talking bulldog, and the delectable, deceptive Miss Uish. But who is a friend, and who an enemy?

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Mourning Emporium is the continuing story of Teodora Gasperin and Lorenzo Antonello.  It has been two years since they defeated an evil ghost named Bajamonte Tiepolo using magic.  Teodora thought he had been banished from Venice.  But now a terrible catastrophe, an ice flood, has her believing that the ghost is back.  Many people have been killed by this terrible ice flood, including Lorenzo’s mother.  Now an orphan, Lorenzo is sent to a floating orphanage for boys, named the ‘Scilla.’  Once Teodora finds out that the ghost really is back,

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