The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless
The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless
The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless
Ahmet Zappa
Beware! Only those who are McFearlessly brave may read from the pages of these monstrous memoirs. Crack open the “creature-skin” cover—if you dare—and enter the monsterminating world of 11-year-old Minerva McFearless, her brother Max, and their mysterious coyote friend, Mr. Devilstone, as they battle the evil army of the king of all monsters—the dreaded Zarmaglorg! This one-of-a-kind novel features full-color illustrations throughout and offers “scientific” data on all the terrifying things that go bump in the night, as well as recipes for keeping the bloodthirsty beasts at bay. First-time author Ahmet Zappa delivers a horrifying and hysterical tale that will be sure to bewitch readers of all ages.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Paranormal

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  • 12 and up
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The book I read was The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless by Ahmet Zappa. The protagonist's name is Minerva. She has a brother, Max, and they live with their father; her mother is deceased. One day when Minerva's father is out of the house buying a cake in honor of the anniversary of his wife's death, Minerva and Max discover their father's study and learn that he is a monsterminator - a monster hunter. In their father's study, Max and Minerva discover the Monstranomicon, a living book about monsters.

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