Minimize: Book Two of The Stones of Bothynus Trilogy
Minimize: The Stones of Bothynus Trilogy Book Two
Minimize: Book Two of The Stones of Bothynus Trilogy
In Book Two of The Stones of Bothynus trilogy, Minimize, the Greene sisters' escapades continue. This time it's Annie, Red's younger sister, whose life is changed by new experiences made possible by the Stones of Bothynus. Fifteen-year-old Annie is bold, curious, and possibly in over her head when she ''borrows'' a device that Uncle Alistair brilliantly crafted from ancient and powerful artifact dust from the Stones of Bothynus. Using the device, she shrinks herself to explore a hidden cave behind a waterfall on her grandmother's Smoky Mountain farm. After glimpsing an angelic being in the cave she works feverishly to decipher ancient writings copied from the cave wall. Intrigued and awed she discovers that the writings reveal a half-angel's world of pain and longing and strives to learn more. Minimize continues the sci-fi/fantasy adventures of the Greene family as they become more deeply enmeshed in adventure, this time in the angel realm.

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  • Fantasy
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  • Mature Young Adult
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Using a device she took from her Uncle, Annie is able to shrink herself. In doing so, she finds a cave hidden behind a waterfall. She thinks it’d fun to be able to explore. That is, until she stumbles upon a strange mystical creature. Feeling in over her head, Annie flees before she is able to learn anything from the creature. But having glimpsed strange writing before fleeing, she is spurred on to learn more about this interesting creature. Join Annie and the Greene family and dive into a world of mystical fun.

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