Millicent's Gift
Millicent's Gift
Millicent's Gift
Ann Rinaldi
Aware of the powerful gift she possesses, Millicent looks to her family for advice as to whether or not she should use it, but doing so only leads to more confusion as different members of the family have completely different opinions on the matter. Reprint.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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In the story, a girl named Millicent is the main character. In her family, there is magic. Even thuogh the family is magical, it is in a modern American town. Millicent is faced with all sorts of problems, such as famiy arguments, a shifty friend, and a dangerous criminal. In the end, Millicent needs to make a crucial choice; family or friendship.

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Millicent is a fourteen-year-old girl with an incredible power. Millicent can do magic, and when she is fifteen she will have a wish that will absolutely have to come true. Of course, what should the wish be? Millicent comes to an extreme conflict. Should she use her wish for friendship, brotherhood, or for something she would want?

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