Magpie & Dilly
Magpie & Dilly: A Nexus Series Tangent, Book 1
Magpie & Dilly
Before Buggy Crenshaw, there were others… Magpie & Dilly A Nexus Series Tangent, Book 1 Welcome to a new series of tales that all happened in the days before Buggy Crenshaw arrived in Lloyd’s Hollow to save the world, and when the Darkest of All Evil was already laying the groundwork for his rise to power. When the Demon King learns that his prize prisoners, the world famous Mystics known as the Seven Sisters of Surrey, each had a child before they were captured, he sends out his most fearsome Hunters to find and destroy them. It’s not as easy as he expects, though… By now, these seven children are all around twelve years old, but are scattered about the world, hidden in pairs mostly, and are oh-so-carefully guarded by some of the Greater Good’s most heralded Warriors. And for very good reason… The possibility exists that if these children were ever to meet and combine their magic, their power would be devastatingpossibly world-ending!which is all the more reason to bring their stories to light. Maggie and Dylan Cooper are the first to be targeted, but be very certain they won’t be the last. Magpie & Dilly is the first book in the series A Nexus Series Tangenta sister series supporting the Buggy Crenshaw books, In Search of the Nexus. While offering a great deal of background information, factual as well as imagined, this series also shines a light on some very important people: the mostly unknown network of characters who so valiantly serve in the shadows and without whom Buggy simply will not succeed. In Buggy’s upcoming adventures, you’ll see these characters slip quietlyand sometimes not so quietlyinto the stories as their parts in the Grand Scheme play out, but be aware that each has his or her own tale to tell, and as always, every new face hides a new secret. One thing is certain, though: magic and imagination are a dangerous mix!

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  • Fiction
  • Humor

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  • 8 - 12
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In the beginning of this story, a girl Magpie and a boy Dilly are trying to fight a witch that has cast a spell over Dilly's father in a magical world. They meet up with some old friends of Magpie's and need to come up with a solution to deal with this evil witch. They combine their powers with a friend named Smudge (who is looking after the children) to deal with the witch. Will they save Dilly's father and keep their own?

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