The Loyal Servant and the Faithful Donkey (Carol's Parables)
The Loyal Servant and the Faithful Donkey (Carol's Parables Book 1)
The Loyal Servant and the Faithful Donkey (Carol's Parables)
Carol Teasdale
The Loyal Servant and the Faithful Donkey is a short story for both adults and children. It's loosely based on the ‘Parable of the Tenants’ in Matthew 21:33-41 and Mark 12:1-10. The story touches on our array of human nature, from its most beautiful and loving, to its ugliest and most foul. The tenant's are a family who are rescued out of impending poverty by a kindly farmer and given a second chance, but they forget the grace he had afforded them. Instead they become embroiled in their own bitterness, envy and greed. The consequences are dire for the farmer’s servants, son and eventually the family too.The story focuses on the donkey who dutifully pulls the cart that takes the servants to the vineyard. Before leaving for distant lands, the farmer and his new tenants had made an agreement that the rent would be paid with a share of the harvest. However, when the time comes, the donkey returns to the farmer again and again with injured servants and an empty cart. This eventually leads to a misunderstanding and the donkey being brutally beaten by a crowd, instigated by one of the servant’s wives. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns as the woman learns a powerful lesson of forgiveness, and true friendship triumphs over evil. I hope that you enjoy this story and will be inspired to read the Parable.

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  • Adventure
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  • Fantasy
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  • Short Story

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